Great Wave Kanagawa Bean Bag Chair



Introducing the extraordinary “Great Wave of Kanagawa” Bean Bag – a perfect blend of comfort, style, and artistry. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this iconic Japanese masterpiece while experiencing unparalleled relaxation and versatility.


Featuring an all-over print of Hokusai’s “Great Wave of Kanagawa,” this bean bag is a true visual delight. The vivid colors and intricate details of the artwork come to life, creating an awe-inspiring focal point in any room. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Japanese art or simply appreciate captivating designs, this bean bag is sure to captivate your imagination.


Comfort is paramount, and we have spared no effort in ensuring that this bean bag provides an exceptional lounging experience. Crafted with premium-quality materials, it offers a cloud-like softness that envelops you, allowing you to unwind after a long day. The ample size caters to kids, teens, and adults alike, accommodating individuals of various ages and sizes.


One of the standout features of this bean bag is its hassle-free maintenance. The fabric is both durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for households with children or pets. Spills, stains, and dirt can be effortlessly wiped away, keeping your bean bag looking fresh and vibrant at all times.


The versatility of this bean bag knows no bounds. Its lightweight construction makes it incredibly easy to move around, allowing you to create a cozy seating area wherever you desire. Whether you want to relax in the living room, read a book on the patio, or even take it on a picnic, this bean bag effortlessly adapts to your needs.


Indoors or outdoors, this bean bag is designed to enhance your leisure time. From family movie nights to gaming sessions, it provides a comfortable seat that molds to your body, promoting relaxation and stress relief. Additionally, its vibrant design adds a touch of artistic flair to any space, transforming it into a haven of creativity and style.


Experience the perfect fusion of art, comfort, and convenience with the “Great Wave of Kanagawa” Bean Bag. Embrace its irresistible charm and create unforgettable moments of relaxation and joy. Order yours today and indulge in a truly remarkable seating experience that is sure to leave you wanting more

.: NB! Bean bag chairs ship without filling

.: 100% polyester
.: Secure lock and key zipper
.: Each cover has inner sewn-in case to contain the filling
.: Big cover filling volume: 16.2 ft³ / ft 2.503 /  458.7 liters

  38″ × 42″ × 29″
Width, in 38.00
Depth, in 42.00
Height, in 29.00

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Weight N/A


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