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bean bag chairs outside by pool and beach

We Have You Covered

Always This Way for RELAXzd Co Bean Bags

summer pool
Relaxzd Co specializes in bean bag chair cover designs. The bean bag chair, also called the Sacco Chair was introduced by 3 Italian designers in 1968. Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro.
The Sacco was created in the Italian Modernism movement. Being a post war era phenomenon, Italian modernism’s design was highly inspired by new available technology.
The idea of mass-produced goods made within an inexpensive price range appealed to consumers. It therefore created the need for a revolution in the creative and manufacturing process.

So, whether you like your Sacco or Bean Bag Chair, we have you covered. Our selection of bean bag chair covers will have your friends talking. And it is affordable, durable and suitable for indoors and outdoors. Because our product is 100% polyester, you can be assured it is strong and water resistant. Everyone just loves their bean bag.

”Give yourself time just to be with yourself.”



Various names for Bean Bag Chairs

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bean bag chairs in lounge.